MicroDoc is a software business serving an international customer base. Since 1991 MicroDoc has growninto a technology-oriented software engineering and professional services company. Our focus on complexsoftware technology and software infrastructure made us a well-respected partner for large corporations andeven for other software businesses.

Since 2016 MicroDoc belongs to the Data Respons Group.

Rather than focusing on a specific business domain, MicroDoc has specialized in solving challenging software problems, which require in depth knowledge of end-to-end technology and business scenarios (including mainframe computer, networks, desktops, mobile devices and embedded systems). Operating from three offices in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart), we serve customers from a variety of business domains: automotive, self-service systems, telecommunication, utilities and financial services mainly. With cutting edge technology solutions, MicroDoc competes on the worldwide market for modern integrated IT systems and serves customers in Europe, the USA, South America and Asia. 

Our international engineering team is composed of highly skilled professionals from 13 different countries. Very low employee fluctuation proves that MicroDoc provides a top of the notch working environment and many opportunities for technical education and personal development. The team structure is a carefully selected mix of experienced senior experts augmented by younger aspiring developers. Ever changing customer requirements make working at MicroDoc a challenging but likewise interesting and rewarding experience. 

A flat management structure and minimal administrative overhead helps us to stay dynamic while the company keeps its steady growth. We accept our responsibility as a member of the software community and as an employer in our society. MicroDoc supports initiatives for sustainability and the protection of our environment. 

Years of Experience



Meet the Management Team

Dr. Christian Kuka
Dr. Christian Kuka

Managing Director +49-89-551969-0
Florian Öhlschlegel
Florian Öhlschlegel

Managing Director +49-89-551969-0
Bruno Caballero
Bruno Caballero

Virtual Machine Technologies +49-89-551969-0

Our Mission

Create competitive power and drive digital transitions for our customers through customised technology and niche specialists*

*thus, contributing to a more sustainable future for all
Our goal is the sustainable development of excellent products and services, supporting the value creation processes of our customers. At the same time, we aim to strengthen and expand our company’s position as a successful provider among the leading IT companies internationally.

We provide products of outstanding quality and help our customers ensure that they are used appropriately and efficiently.

We believe that the use of appropriate new technologies adds value and encourages productivity. Therefore, innovation is an integral part of our product planning.

Our employees are our greatest assets. We strive for ideal working conditions and employ our personnel so that personal interests and job satisfaction lead to optimal results.

Our modern organizational structure effectively fosters the creativity and innovation of our people, promoting investment in education and research.


No. 1 choice on Industrial digitalization, Connectivity (IoT) and Embedded technologies – Offering a unique dual expertise in engineering and digital expertise for the entire product life cycle.


For our customers, employees and partners is fundamental to our business.

We strive to act as a cooperative and responsible member of society, and the international economic community. Besides the obvious compliance with applicable laws, we are committed to fair and free competition.

Through a clear and transparent decision-making process, we encourage our employees to take personal responsibility for their work, and we give them room for creativity and personal development.

Our team is carefully balanced between seasoned professionals with multi-year experience and young aspiring engineers who are looking for challenges and personal improvement. We want to help clients reach their IT goals by helping them find the right technology that is cost effective and future proof.

Examples of customer industry sectors we serve!

Automotive Industry


MicroDoc is a niche supplier of specialist development services and high-tech solutions to several leading players in the transport and automotive industry. We have extensive experience in developing smarter, connected and digital software and hardware solutions supporting the ongoing transformation of the automotive industry and improving logistics efficiency. We typically deliver frontend and onboard application software, implement middleware components and provide backend services as well. MicroDoc also supplies Java™ and Graal™ Virtual Machines runtimes to a variety of telematic platform vendors and integrates runtimes on all kinds of devices.

Energy Industry


MicroDoc has in-depth industry know-how and more than 20 years’ experience in developing software, smarter IoT, e-charging devices, and embedded solutions certified for extreme and challenging environments.

Finance Industry


MicroDoc is working with leading technology providers to enable state of the art software and infrastructure supporting efficient operations. Our specialist competences and relevant cross industry technology experience makes us a valuable partner in this market. Our experts review over 600 applications per year to ensure clean and maintainable source code for our partners.


Java Community

MicroDoc has joind the Java Community Process in 2014 and was subsequently elected as a member of the JCP Executive Committe with a focus on software innovation and embedded Java.

Graal VM Community

MicroDoc is member of the GraalVM Project Advisory Board and works on GraalVM integrations in the embedded space.

Gesellschaft für Datenschutz

Documenting our commitment for responsible management of personal and business data and a 100% clean IP policy, MicroDoc joined the “Gesellschaft für Datenschutz” in 2011.