Practically all industry domains are challenged to digitalize their business processes. Though many larger companies run their own IT department, the core competence of internal development teams is usually focused on domain specific application development know how. Today’s rapid software architecture and technology advances require specialist know how. MicroDoc can help you to win the software technology race with the following service offerings.

Future-proof embedded development with Rust

Maximum performance. Absolute security. Unmatched reliability.

Experience the revolution in embedded development with Rust, the modern programming language that combines efficiency and security. Whether for microcontrollers, IoT devices or highly complex embedded systems - Rust is the perfect choice for your projects.

Why Rust for embedded systems?

  • High performance: Rust offers memory efficiency and performance comparable to C and C++, but without the typical sources of error.
  • Memory security: Rust's innovative ownership system makes memory access errors and undefined behavior a thing of the past.
  • Concurrency without risks: Take advantage of modern multi-core processors with safe and efficient concurrency mechanisms.
  • Compact binaries: Ideal for resource-limited environments - Rust generates compact and high-performance binaries.
  • Interoperability: Seamless integration with existing C/C++ code and extensive support for numerous microcontroller platforms.

Our services:

  • Consulting and concept development: We help you design the optimal architecture for your embedded projects.
  • Software development: Tailor-made solutions, from driver development to application programming, with a focus on security and efficiency.
  • Code review and optimization: Increase the quality and performance of your existing code with our expert knowledge.
  • Training and workshops: You and your team will learn the best practices of embedded development with Rust.

Take your embedded projects to the next level - with Rust!

Contact us today and discover how Rust can make your development safer, more efficient and future-proof.

Innovative. Scalable. Future-proof. – Cloud development with MicroDoc

Experience the next generation of software development with the power of the cloud!

Immerse yourself in the world of cloud development and make your ideas a reality in a flexible, scalable and cost-effective environment. With our tailor-made cloud solutions, you can turn challenges into opportunities and take your business to the next level.

Why cloud development?

  • Scalability: Dynamically adapt your resources and scale seamlessly to meet the needs of your growing company.
  • Flexibility: Use a variety of services and tools that enable you to develop, test and implement quickly and efficiently.
  • Cost optimization: Only pay for what you actually use and reduce your IT costs through efficient resource management.
  • Reliability: Benefit from highly available and robust infrastructures that keep your applications running around the clock.
  • Security: Protect your data with state-of-the-art security measures and compliance standards built into the cloud platforms.

Our services:

  • Cloud architecture and consulting: We develop a customized cloud strategy that perfectly fits your business needs.
  • Migration and integration: We support you in the seamless migration of your existing applications and data to the cloud and integrate them into your existing systems.
  • Application development: From idea to implementation - we develop cloud-native applications that are specifically tailored to your needs.
  • DevOps and automation: Optimize your development processes through continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) and automated infrastructure management.
  • Managed services: We take over the operation and maintenance of your cloud infrastructure so that you can concentrate on your core business.

Bring your business ideas to the cloud and benefit from limitless possibilities!

Contact us today and discover how our cloud solutions can transform your business. MicroDoc - your partner for innovative cloud development.

Embedded Java - The future of embedded development

Powerful. Flexible. Platform independent.

Experience the power of Java in the world of embedded systems. Embedded Java opens up new possibilities for innovative and reliable solutions in embedded development. Take advantage of a proven technology that makes your projects more efficient and future-proof.

Why Embedded Java?

  • Platform independence: Develop applications that run on different hardware platforms without having to make changes to the code.
  • Performance: Use Java's optimized runtimes and high-performance libraries to implement even the most demanding embedded applications.
  • Large developer community: Benefit from an extensive and active community as well as a variety of resources, libraries and frameworks.
  • Security: Implement robust security mechanisms with Java's integrated functions and features.
  • Reusability: Reduce development times by reusing existing Java components and libraries.

Our services:

  • Consulting and architecture: We help you design and plan the ideal architecture for your embedded Java projects.
  • Software development: From driver development to complete applications – tailor-made solutions that are precisely tailored to your requirements.
  • Code review and optimization: Optimize your Java applications for maximum efficiency and performance.
  • Training and workshops: Learn the best practices and latest techniques in embedded Java development from our experts.

Transform your embedded projects with the versatility and power of Java!

Contact us today and discover how embedded Java can make your development more efficient and successful. With MicroDoc as your partner, you can take your embedded systems to a new level.

Highest code quality through professional code reviews

Safe. Efficient. Reliable.

Take your software development to a new level with our comprehensive code review services. Ensuring that your code meets the highest standards is the key to successful and sustainable software development. With our experts at your side, we guarantee first-class code quality that makes your applications safer, more efficient and future-proof.

Why code reviews?

  • Error reduction: Discover and fix errors early before they reach production and reduce costly rework.
  • Improved security: Identify security gaps and vulnerabilities to protect your applications from potential threats.
  • Code quality: Ensure that your code is clear, efficient and maintainable, increasing the long-term quality of your software.
  • Knowledge sharing: Promote the exchange of best practices and techniques within your development team.
  • Compliance and standards: Ensure that your code complies with applicable industry standards and compliance regulations.

Our services:

  • Manual code reviews: Detailed review of your code by our experienced experts to identify best practices and potential improvements.
  • Automated code analysis: Use of state-of-the-art static code analysis tools to find potential problems and security gaps quickly and efficiently.
  • Security audits: Specialized reviews to identify and fix security gaps and vulnerabilities.
  • Performance optimization: Analysis and improvement of the performance of your code for faster and more efficient applications.
  • Documentation and reports: Comprehensive documentation of the problems found and clear recommendations for improving code quality.
  • Training and workshops: Training for your development team on best practices in code quality and effective code reviews.

Set new standards in software development with professional code reviews!

Contact us today and discover how our services can make your software projects more secure, efficient and of higher quality. MicroDoc - your partner for first-class code quality.

The latest from our specialist

The 2020s: the decade of software-defined mobility
The 2020s: the decade of software-defined mobility

Electrification, autonomous driving and all-embracing vehicle connectivity is fundamentally changing the way we move goods and people around, and the digitalisation of mobility has the potential to help us handle the huge challenges the world is facing regarding urbanisation, sustainability and climate change. No doubt, the 2020s will be the decade of software-defined mobility.

No Internet of Things without strong cyber security
No Internet of Things without strong cyber security

The concept of IoT holds great potential: By connecting millions of devices to the internet we can save time and money and become more efficient, we can offer our customers more convenience, better service and much more. But no grand vision without a snake pit of problems: With the Internet of Things comes the Internet of Threats. We need to protect our new network-aware systems and devices. There will be no Internet of Things without a strong focus on cyber security.

Graal VM™ – the Swiss Army knife of virtual machines
Graal VM™ – the Swiss Army knife of virtual machines

MicroDoc is introducing GraalVM to the embedded world. It is the Swiss Army knife of virtual machines. It can accelerate the startup of applications like a car’s rear view camera with more than a factor of 10. Furthermore it hosts multiple programming languages at the same time, can reduce memory usage dramatically, and frees you from taking care of complex software infrastructure issues.

New virtual machine for the cars of tomorrow
New virtual machine for the cars of tomorrow

Cars are quickly converting into cyber centres on wheels, and buyers expect new features to be introduced just as fast as in their smartphones and consumer electronics. That puts tremendous pressure on car manufacturers. To relieve some of the pressure MicroDoc is now introducing GraalVM embedded, a virtual machine allowing for faster development cycles while retaining the stability and longevity required by the auto industry.

The “One VM” Concept - towards the holy grail
The “One VM” Concept - towards the holy grail

Would it be fair to say that the GraalVM is a step closer to the holy grail of polyglot programming? Yes, according to the virtual machine experts from MicroDoc. Here’s an overview of what the GraalVM can do for software developers.

Java™ Virtual Machine Tool Interface
Java™ Virtual Machine Tool Interface

Tightly monitor your application using the JVM Tool Interface.