MicroDoc have been re-elected to sit on the Executive Committee for the Java Community Process. Together with 18 other companies like Oracle, Alibaba, IBM, Intel, SAP and Twitter, MicroDoc will have key role in shaping one of the most used software languages in the world.

Being part of an exclusive committee alongside the world’s largest tech companies, shaping the software language the entire world uses, is a testament to how far we and MicroDoc have come. And this accomplishment is purely based on dedicated specialists being the best in the business. It’s a perfect example on what Data Respons represents and I am very proud of the standing MicroDoc has built in the software community, says Kenneth Ragnvaldsen, CEO in Data Respons.

The JCP Executive Committee (EC) is the group of members guiding the evolution of Java technology in the Java Community Process (JCP). The EC represents both major stakeholders and a representative cross-section of the Java Community. It is composed of 16 JCP members plus a non-voting chair. The chair of the EC is a member of the Process Management Office (PMO). The 16 voting members are selected from JCP members.

The EC is responsible for approving the passage of specifications through key points of the JCP and for reconciling discrepancies between specifications and their associated test suites.

Being a small operation in the company of giants is a privilege we highly appreciate. And it is also a privilege to participate in the continuous development of Java. Our seat in the Executive Committee allows us to provide our expertise in future software developments, but it also allows us to represent the needs and requirements of Java embedded that is used by our automotive and telecommunication customers, comments Dr. Christian Kuka, managing director in MicroDoc.

Key facts about the Java and the JCP Executive Committee

Committee members:

Java Executive Committee Member

  • Java is one of the world’s most popular programming languages.
  • Java is the #1 developer choice for any cloud solution and has a strong presence in the embedded industry.
  • Java is used by 95% of the enterprises as their primary language. It is much more than C and the other languages.
  • In one year, Java gets downloaded one billion times.
  • Today, Java rationally runs on more than 1 billion as the Android operating system of Google uses Java APIs.
  • Java was created way back in 1995, making it one of the oldest programming languages out there
  • Java is widely used and has even been the software platform in the onboard computer in NASA’s Mars exploration rovers.
About MicroDoc

MicroDoc is a software business serving an international customer base. Since 1991 MicroDoc has grown into a technology-oriented software engineering and professional services company. Our focus on complex software technology and software infrastructure made us a well-respected partner for large corporations and even for other software businesses in their digital transformation.

Operating from three offices in Germany (Munich, Berlin, Stuttgart), the company serve leading corporations from a variety of business domains including connectivity, automotive, self-service systems, telecommunication, utilities and financial services. MicroDoc has specialised in solving challenging software problems, which require in-depth knowledge of end-to-end technology and business scenarios.

Since 2016 MicroDoc have been part of the Data Respons Group.

About Data Respons

Data Respons is a pure-play digital leader with an in-depth expertise in software development, R&D services, advanced embedded systems and IoT solutions. The number of blue-chip customers is increasing, and Data Respons expects this trend to continue going forward. The trends of increased automation, digitalisation and ‘everything connected’ (IoT) fit well with both the Data Respons’ business units and competence map. We develop everything, from the sensor level to the mobile app, making it an ideal partner for its customers in their digital transition.

The company has a highly diversified customer portfolio in industries such as the Mobility sector, Telecom & Media, MedTech, Security, Space & Defence, Energy & Maritime, Finance & Public and Industrial Automation.

Data Respons is headquartered in Oslo (Norway) and has a strong portfolio of clients in the Nordic region and in Germany, supported by 1,400 software & digital specialists. Data Respons has achieved an 17% annual growth over the last 20 years.